- What is Gorilla Life Green Drink?
- Is it a wheat grass drink?
- Why is the drink made with alfalfa?
- What are the benefits of chlorophyll?
- What are the drink's ingredients?
- What does the drink do?
- How does it taste?
- Is it good for kids to drink?
- What flavor is right for me?
- Why is it called Gorilla Life?
- What is the drink's shelf life?
- Where can I buy it?

What is Gorilla Life Green Drink?

Gorilla Life Green Drink is the world's first completely organic, all natural, raw food drink made with chlorophyll from concentrated alfalfa.

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Is it a wheat grass drink?

No it is not. Gorilla Life is made of chlorophyll extracted from raw organic alfalfa. Alfalfa, and wheat grass are from the same plant family and both yield high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients. Alfalfa has also been used as a home remedy for centuries to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the common cold. Many published studies outline the beneficial effects alfalfa has had toward the relief of upper respiratory infection symptoms.

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Why is the drink made with alfalfa?

Alfalfa has an extremely high chlorophyll index, one of the highest of edible plants. Additionally alfalfa doesn’t have the same bitter taste associated with wheat grass. Alfalfa contains sixteen amino acids, and has more vitamin C than citrus juice, and more protein than beef, milk or eggs. Gorilla Life was brewed to capture the benefits and healing properties of nature and deliver them in a delicious and refreshing liquid form, so using alfalfa based chlorophyll as a primary ingredient of our drink was a natural fit.

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What are the benefits of chlorophyll?

An incredible source of antioxidants, chlorophyll helps neutralize harmful molecules (free-radicals) in the body that can damage healthy cells. It is an extremely efficient deliverer of magnesium and boosts the blood’s ability to transport oxygen to cells throughout the body. Chlorophyll is considered the basis of all plant life, and it closely resembles the molecules of human red blood cells.

But don’t just take our word for it!
See what respected athletes, doctors, and scientists are saying about the healing properties of chlorophyll.

“Our study shows that chlorophyllin can effectively reduce aflatoxin levels, which should reduce the risk of liver cancer and other cancers caused by environmental triggers.”
                  - Dr. John Groopman
                    PhD Professor John Hopkins University

“Its ability to stimulate red blood cell production may aid in the building of muscle tissue, and chlorophyll is thus ideal for the hard training athlete.”
                  - Clayton South
                    Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition (SPN) by Intl. Sports Sciences Assn. (ISSA)

"Chlorophyll raises the basic nitrogen exchange and is therefore a tonic which greatly enhances the improvement of health in the vascular svstem, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs."
                  - Steadman's Medical Dictionary - 21st Edition

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What are the drink's ingredients?

Gorilla Life Green Drink is a 100% all-natural drink. It contains a unique blend of purified water, organic agave or honey, organic chlorophyll, and Vitamin C.

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What does the drink do?

Gorilla Life Green Drink harnesses the power of nature and acts as a dietary supplement to increase your energy, bolster your immune system, and aids in maintaining a healthy detoxified body.

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How does it taste?

Gorilla Life Green Drink is sweetened with a unique blend of lemons, honey, or an extract from the agave plant. The result is a delicious, well-tested and well-tasted formula that refreshes and revitalizes your taste buds and your body.

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Is it good for kids to drink?

Let’s face it, getting kids to slow down long enough to eat healthy and get the recommended amount of nutrients from green vegetables each day is fairly impossible. Gorilla Life green drinks give kids 300% of their recommended daily vegetable allowance. It’s a simple and tasty alternative to help maintain a healthy diet that kids love.

Note: Honey transforms into toxin-producing bacteria in babies’ immature intestinal tracts and may be harmful to children under 12 months. The agave flavor of Gorilla Life is safer for all ages. Limit servings during pregnancy and while nursing children under 12 months.

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What flavor is right for me?

The Honey flavor of Gorilla Life Green Drink is made from 100% organic honey. Honey contains the widest variety of antioxidants and health supportive substances. Honey is packed with B Vitamins, Iron, Manganese as well as over 80 other nutrients. It is the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal qualities of raw honey that make this delicious, immune system building nectar such a miraculous cancer preventing substance. A daily dose of honey improves medicine digestion, wound healing, and muscle recuperation.

Who would benefit from this flavor:

  • Athletes or anyone who trains or workouts on a regular basis as a pre-workout beverage.
  • Seniors and elders for its anti-aging qualities.
  • Working adults needing an on-the-go serving of veggies or a meal replacement.
  • Anyone using it as a digestive aid on an empty stomach or as breakfast.

Agave favors the sweetness of honey, with a lot less of the caloric value. It is unique in its low glycemic index, weight loss benefits as well as wound healing properties. There are many reasons to incorporate agave into your diet, not just as a sugar alternative. One serving of agave is considered a “free food”, meaning it records no sharp rise or fall in blood sugar and may be used as a safe sugar replacement over fructose, glucose, honey, sucrose, glucose, maltodextrin or maltose. It contains insulin, saponins and fructans having anti-inflammatory, immune system boosting properties, antimicrobial capabilities and antibacterial properties. It’s also effective in weight loss because of low impact on blood sugar and its ability to increase satiety and decrease appetite. It lowers cholesterol, reduces certain cancers, increases absorption of nutrients such as isoflavones, calcium and magnesium.

Who would benefit from this flavor:

  • Athletes or anyone who trains or workouts on a regular basis should use the agave flavor as a post-workout beverage for cool down and muscle recuperation.
  • Nursing mothers: Children under the age of 1 can benefit from friendly bacteria and the antimicrobial agents of the agave flavor.
  • Diabetic patients watching their sugar levels and sucrose intake.
  • Anyone watching their caloric or carbohydrate intake.

The Unsweetened flavor of Gorilla Life Green Drink combines the solar powered benefits of alfalfa chlorophyll, with the healing qualities of Vitamin C. With no natural sweeteners, It’s safe for diabetics, and offers an even lower rise in blood sugar levels than our naturally sweetened flavors. Despite being void of any additional sweetener, this flavor still is a tasty refreshing drink with none of the bitter taste commonly associated with plant-based drinks like wheat grass or unsweetened teas.

Who would benefit from this flavor:

  • Seniors and elders for its anti-aging qualities.
  • Diabetic patients watching their sugar levels and sucrose intake.
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Why is it called Gorilla Life?

If you’re wondering why we chose to call our great-tasting, naturally-sweet juices
“Gorilla Life”, well, you’re not alone. The Gorilla, we believe, is an example to humanity. The Gorilla nourishes himself (or herself, of course) completely from the abundance of the jungle’s greenery. And from this diet of green plants, the Gorilla matures into one of nature’s largest and most powerful of animals. Yet, even with this great strength, the Gorilla is naturally humble, striving to maintain peace and harmony with each other, and the world outside.

So, the next time you find yourself with a bottle of Gorilla Life in hand, lift a toast in honor of the humble Gorilla.

And feel the benefits of adding a little “Gorilla Life”, to your body!

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What is the drink's shelf life?

The drinks last approximately 4 weeks (30 days) from their manufactured date. Each bottle contains a expiration date based on that manufacturing date, however each flavor has a slightly longer period of freshness based on the individual ingredients.

Honey - 4 weeks / Agave - 6 weeks / Unsweetened - 8 weeks

In frozen storage the drink will last approximately 12 months and should be kept cold once it’s removed from freezer.

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Where can I buy it?

Your can purchase Gorilla Life Green drink directly from our online store and have them delivered conveniently to your front door.

You may also buy the drink at several retail locations throughout California and Arizona, which include Whole Foods, Erewhon Natural Foods, Nature Mart, Mother's Market, and many others. Click here for a complete list of our current retail locations.
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Chlorophyll, the primary ingredient in Gorilla Life green drink is an amazing component in all green vegetation. It is vital for photosynthesis and allows plants to obtain energy from light.

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